Rabbitized Products

Here are examples of items that have been "rabbitized"...
Leo Gaylore

He was once ferocius lion, always hunting for rabbits. With rabbit ears and a pink butterfly shirt. He's now rabbitized. He favorite pass time is cooking and baking meals for rabbits. Mmmm...growl!
Lucille L. Loo

She goes by the name Lucy (for short). Ain't she a polka dottie cutie pie?! She's a domesticated horse and she rabbitized herself as an easter bunny.

Check out her website: Lucille L. Loo
Bunnie Bear

She's a white polar bear and always finding ways to rabbitize herself. She's indeed a sweet honey bear on the outside, but inside, she will always be a rabbit at heart.
VW Rabbit Emblem

This item is a great way to rabbitize any of your personal items.
See sample for this usage: "rabbitized" Prius
Rabbit Dinner Entree

This an awful way to get rabbitized, but unfortunately happens from time to time. You can find this item in your local 99 Ranch Market. Blech!